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Event and advertising videos 


Fredrikstad Cup 2022


Over one weekend, we were to capture the atmosphere and the handball party in Fredrikstad with free rein.  Food from REMA1000, cup life, a concert and much more - all well documented and collected in a presentation film the customer uses in the future promotion of their contribution during such a weekend. 

Oslo Marathon 2022


Oslo's streets are filled with thousands of happy people running. REMA1000 and their suppliers fill the streets with good food and are the centerpiece of the event. They wanted us to document this!

Pepsi Max Norway

Sampling in Lofoten


Pepsi Max fills the streets of Svolvær and distributes cold drinks in the summer heat. They need to document this for further distribution of samplings. 

Battery Energy Norway

Sampling in Oslo


A warm and atmospheric day in Oslo's streets is filled with the new launch from Battery. Free rein around the documentation of the day ended up like this!

The Norwegian Handball Association
Region East

The theme series for judges and developers

Promo film for further recruitment of young referees for handball. 

Short version adapted to social media 

The theme series for trainers

Promo film for the NHF's focus on teams and coach development using a themed series.

Short version adapted to social media 


Costume Award 2020


The stage is set for a party and this of course had to be documented. With many sponsors in the picture, this was only 1 of 5 films that were delivered to Costume. One general version like this and one version for each of the sponsors where their products should stand out clearly between the atmosphere and performances. 

Dønski VGS

Study promo film


Every year, hundreds of secondary school students apply to VGS. Dønski wanted to draw more attention through four different films that would deal with the different line choices they offer. Below you can see the short version. 

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